Graqanica Monastery

Monastery of Gracanica An Orthodox monastery and UNESCO’S World Heritage site  of Gračanica, is in Serbian Municipality 7 km driving from the city center, on the way to Bear Sanctuary. The church was reconstructed in the in 14th century atop the ruins of a 6th century basilica dedicated to the Virgin Maria. The characteristic of the church is […]

Bear Sanctuary in Prishtina

The BEAR SANCTUARY in Kosovo  BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina is located near the village of Mramor. about 20 KM from Prishtina. It covers around 10 hectares of developed are and provide a kind of natural habitat and lifelong home to many local brown bears formerly kept as restaurant bears in Kosovo and Albania, aiming at attracting more guests or even […]

Archaeological site of Ulpiana

ANCIENT ULPIANA Ulpiana was an ancient Illyrian/ Roman settlement known as Justiniana Secunda  located in what is now in Gračanica, the region of Prishtina. The traces of civilization here are really prehistorical, back to the Bronze/Iron age. It shows an Urbanized center of Kingdom of Dardania which was invaded by Romans by the end of 1st Century AC, which […]

Prishtina Free Walking Tour

EVERY DAY:11 AM / NATIONAL THEATER. – Prishtina Free Walking Tours delivers daily scheduled city tours; insightful, interesting, funny, learning tours as the only such a tour and best way to explore the town. It’s a general and short tour summarizing most of tourist attractions, historic, cultural, religious and architectural heritage. This is a private […]