Prishtina Free Walking Tour

EVERY DAY:11 AM / NATIONAL THEATER. – Prishtina Free Walking Tours delivers daily scheduled city tours; insightful, interesting, funny, learning tours as the only such a tour and best way to explore the town. It’s a general and short tour summarizing most of tourist attractions, historic, cultural, religious and architectural heritage.

This is a private initiative of a couple of local guides who are very willing and experienced in tourism promotion and guiding tours. This way we are not engaged or paid by any third party (like government or any business) but we rely our job in voluntary donations of the visitors, based on name-your-own-price system. Nothing is compulsory everything is welcome!

Prishtina, eventhough a small town, has a lot to see, learn and do! You probably need proper local guides to point it out to you and definitively, your visit to Prishtina would not be completed without such tour!

Welcome and enjoy the best sightseeing in Prishtina by a short and friendly guided tour!

See you!