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We strive to be the most massive tour provider in Kosovo & Region, distinguished  with high quality, pleasant performance and unique tours 

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We provide unique tours and are committed to deliver the best values in our services.


Specialized team in travel industry, experienced and knowledgeable guides, unique and massive tours and quality-driven mission are our best representative values


We produce memorable experiences for different types of visitors, deliver and facilitate all you need to travel in this region.

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Whole you need for an thrilling experience.

Prishtina city tours

The newest European Capital, even though the biggest city in Kosovo, is not as large town as you probably are used in Western Europe. But it is definitely a hidden gem, not that much explored but we are very passionate to make your time in Prishtina, to get the best of it

Food, wine & beer tours

 We are also a foodie tour which take you a taste the best of daily life in Prishtine, fun in popular bar and restaurants that has manage to take you to local traditional roots. Join us on this delicious experience to try authentic taste of Albanian cuisine and culture.

Kosovo & regional tours

In order to reward your interests for Kosovo and region, we organize lot of days and week long tours which provides you with an enchanting opportunities to indulge and unforgettable experience. This region is really an unexplored pearl which astonish you in the first instance.


We have a specialized team with long experience in organizing and arranging various of Study tours in Kosovo, in partnership with Educational, Institutional, Organization and Individual stakeholder depending on your request.


Join us for a exciting tour around Kosovo! 🙂

About us

We walk to find the best solutions for you, when traveling in Kosovo & the Region

Kosovo Walker is a brand-new tour operator in Kosovo and the region. Its derived from a couple of small local tour operators on purpose to enhance capacities and expertise to deliver the best we have and let you indulge into many memorable experiences 

We are a committed team of travel professionals who are really passionate  to share our creativity and professionalism in order to deliver a massive and unique group of tours for the most surprising experiences. 

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

We really enjoyed a fantastic insightful free walking tour – very interesting, just the right amount of information and lots of local detail we would never have had the pleasure of knowing without doing the tour. Thank you so much! 10/10 must do when you visit.

FI Ross

Glasgow, UK 

Excellent tour. Our guide was really knowledgeable and friendly. His English was excellent and he taught us a lot about both Pristina and Kosovo.Highly recommended!

Chris Flanders

London, UK

My boyfriend and I went on a wonderful tour today of Pristina led by Astrit. It was a great introduction to the city. We saw all the main sites and learned a lot about Kosovo. I especially enjoyed going through the small, but interesting, Ethnological Museum. If you are in Pristina, please do this tour as an excellent start to your stay!

Heather Ellis

Berlin, Germany

Our team

Our team is made of travels professionals with long experience in this industry. Their expertise, passion and creativity is committed to offer you the best of travel solutions in Kosovo and Region in produce enjoyable experiences in tour and other related concierge services.

Astrit Sahiti

CEO and Founder

Team Member

Job Title

Team Member

Job Title

Vildona Sahiti

Our representative in USA & Travel Advisor

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Read our articles and news for interesting info when traveling in Kosovo and Region.

ANCIENT ULPIANA Ulpiana was an ancient Illyrian/ Roman settlement known as Justiniana Secunda  located in what is now in Gračanica, the region of Prishtina. The traces of civilization here are really prehistorical, back to the Bronze/Iron age. It shows an Urbanized center of Kingdom of Dardania which was invaded by […]
Monastery of Gracanica An Orthodox monastery and UNESCO’S World Heritage site  of Gračanica, is in Serbian Municipality 7 km driving from the city center, on the way to Bear Sanctuary. The church was reconstructed in the in 14th century atop the ruins of a 6th century basilica dedicated to […]
The BEAR SANCTUARY in Kosovo  BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina is located near the village of Mramor. about 20 KM from Prishtina. It covers around 10 hectares of developed are and provide a kind of natural habitat and lifelong home to many local brown bears formerly kept as restaurant bears in Kosovo […]

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