Kosovo Study Tours – Updated

Our Study Tour is a program well-prepared which came out as a result on persistent needs and demands of groups of students visiting Kosovo as a part of a school or extracurricular project to better understand complexity in Kosovo and other Balkan-related issues which used to unrest the country due to long historic claims, religious misuse and political turmoil. However Kosovo is proud to be an interesting example of a historic interests, cultural heritage, inter-ethnic community, religious diversity and harmony, successful transition and quick democratic development.

Since the the themes provided here and interests you are looking for are diverse we offer three options for a study tour in Kosovo:

– Customized Study Tour – Make your own tour

– Kosovo Study Tour




Customized Study Tour – we have an opened program to organize and implement specific study tours, training courses, workshops for needs of your students, your school and so so on. We have a dynamic team which deals with study tours who are very experienced in organizing such international gatherings for conferences, workshops, training course and other visits. So, we take care for all the details of procedural, logistic aspect of a study tour, starting with arranging accommodation and food, workshop halls, inputs for training sessions, arranging respective professors, trainers important stakeholders, schedule important interviews and researches, interpretation in your own language visit until the technical details and material to add the values of your study, make it precious and successful. You tell us the concept, and we organize all the rest.


Methodology & Approach

In-class Lectures and open Discussion

Study Case and documentaries

Training workshops

Direct Visits on terrain



  • To identify – reflect on the Conflict Tree and conflict resolution.
  • To share and promote an overview of Peace-building process (how to overcome ethnic and cultural differences and develop sustainable peace and diverse community).
  • To embed the sense of religious harmony as a symbol of unification & peace and understand more precisely religious radicalism and holly wars,
  • To promote & entice the role of youth work for sustainable peace, tolerant society and entice participants develop similar project for similar purposes.
  • To enhance the analytical and debating skills for students.
  • To create a young professional network for future cooperation,


Open discussion (overview) about Regional security and global threat – Defining the global and local sources of conflicts,

• Training Session about “Peace Building, inter-cultural and inter-ethnic coexistence”,

• Training – working in groups for “Conflict Tree & Conflict resolution”.

• Case study “Human rights” and their implementation (fundamental rights, minorities rights, (focus on) gender equality and free sexual orientation), Forum & workshops for “Inter-religious Tolerance” Religious & Radicalism – Holly Wars,

• an excursion – to visit some interesting historic, cultural and tourist venues in Kosovo.



Session I – Introduction of the project, presentation of participants, organizations, aims, objectives & posting their expectation.

Session II – Education for Peace (interaction) brainstorming about Peace, 

Session III – Peace (building) Concepts  (workshop)

Session IV Inter Cultural Dialogue

Reflecting on the module, evaluation and closing up.


Study (War) tour – (Documentation Center Kosovo, National Museum, Hertica House, Gazimestan, Sulltan Mausoleum, Jashari Complex and Mitrovica).


Session I: Conflict Understanding (Levels of Conflict & Causes) (Thematic Area)

Session II – Conflict Resolution Conflict Analyses tools,

  • Iceberg Model
  • Multi-Level triangle/pyramid 
  • ABC triangle 
  • Conflict Tree

Group Work – Analyzing Conflict (treating a thematic conflict/ resolution models).

Session III – Conflict Life Cycle , Intervention Strategies / Methods,

Session IV  Simulation of Negotiations – Simulation of Talks on a common topic that we set up together – to develop a Pro et Contra debate.

Group Presentation, discussion, daily evaluation and closing up.


Session I – Session about Inter-religious harmony, radicalization & holly wars.

Session II – Your Session – Customize your own Session


Visit to religious sites (UNESCO Heritage )- Monastery of Gracanica Archeological town of Ulpiana and we move to Prizren to visit the most important historic & cultural attractions: St. Leviss Cathedral, Sinan Pasha Mosque, Helvetie Tekke, Albanian League of Prizren etc.

Over night in Prizren


Cultural Excursion – Visit in Gjakova, memorial for Meja Massacer, Old bazaar, Mosque of Hadumi, Tekke, chatholic Cathedral and museum of missing people, Monastery of Deqan, Patriarchate of Peja, waterfall of Radavc and back to Prishtina.

Price depends on the number of the guests, Accommodation type, duration of the tour, specification of the tour, number of the tutors and other relevant determining information. Pricing of these tours is really reasonable and offer the best value for money.

We aren’t focused in maximizing the earnings but to create and deliver the best possible service. Thanks to quality of our service, outstanding performance and care for clients, we we aim to establish long term cooperation with your institute, to our joint study tour take place continuously with different generations of students.

Accommodation can arranged in Dorms, hostels, hotels and apartments in accordance with you. In-class courses will be done in Hotel halls, University rooms and other similar possibilities according to the needs of the project.

Write to us to get more information to discuss and arrange your event.


Interkult it’s a in-depth cultural tour around Kosovo as an exclusive way to get in touch with our unique culture, interesting traditions, the way of living and much more of what makes local culture authentic with interesting values.

INTERKULT – is a five days interesting, combined cultural tour, to explore and understand some interesting values and unique cultural heritage coming from this historic region. Such cultural and traditional values generate a interesting diversity which makes a harmonic living in the community .

This program gather groups of students or scholars of anthropology or various cultural studies to have an exciting opportunity to advance the knowledge and attitudes, opinions and skills with diverse cultural heritage in Kosovo.


  • To explore and highlight cultural heritage,
  • to explore traditional values,
  • to explore folk and spiritual heritage
  • discover ethnographic virtues, like costume, music, rituals,
  • to explore the religious diversity and the way it goes normal in the community,
  • to see contemporary art,
  • traditional architectural heritage,
  • to taste gastronomic culture,
  • to explore interesting antiquity,
  • Try traditional crafts


Day I

Street Art – We start the program with a Street Art Tour in Prishtina, to get to see mixture of local and international street art and grafitti. It begins to tell you a lot about local motives, art mind and interesting social meaning. Food Tour – the afternoon goes on with a authentic taste of our cuisine which provides you a memorable experience with best selection of our traditional food.

Day II

We explore interesting spots and monument revealing our cultural, religious and historic heritage. Onset we visit Ethnographic Museum of Prishtina , Sulltan Mehmed Fatih Mosque, Clock tower of the town, National Library, Monastery of Gracanica Ulpiana – Archaeological site and Janjeva village.


From Prishtine we move around 90 KM to the north-west of Kosovo, which the source of greates Kosovo’s cultural heritage. We go in Peja and visit some of the landmarks of the city as the city bazaar, ethnographic museum, Patriarchate of Peja and we participate in a workshop of making local Plisi which is Albanian traditional cap. On second part of the day we go on to Monastery of Deqan (another UNESCO listed heritage), then we go and visit Kullas – Albanian Towers in Deqan, Junik, and finally move to Gjakova to have a brief workshop how we make qiftelia – Albanian authentic musical instrument which makes up our folk culture. Overnight in Gjakova.

Day IV

Onset the day in Gjakova – we visit some interesting cultural and religious spots as Tekke of Gjakova, Cathedral of St Pjeter, Hadumi Moaque, Carshia,Terezi Brigde, Fshait Brigde and we reach the cultural capital of Kosovo. In Prizren, we’ll enjoy an introductory city walking tour, following filigree tour – a workshop how to make beautiful filigree ornament, Ethnographic museum, Albanian League of Kosovo and we enjoy a panoramic sunset over of half of Kosovo from Prizren uphill fortress. Over night in Prizren

Day V

In-class discussions about local anthropology:

Non-material cultural heritage (diversity) as: Traditions – Besa, Kanun, Religious Tolerance – Diversity / values, Local cultural documentary, Folk music – costume.


Direct Visits on terrain

In-class Lectures & discussions

Training workshops



Price depends on the number of the guests, Accommodation type, duration of the tour, specification of the tour. Pricing of these tours is really reasonable and offer the best value for money.


Program is all inclusive organizing the housing (usually in 3 star hotels), three meals a day, working space, trips, guides, tutors, technical & logistical assistant, working materials etc.

For food diets or any intolerance, please let us know in advance.