Prishtina PRIVATE Tour


If our city tours offers does not entirely fit to the needs and expectations of you and your groups, please let us know, about your interest and we compile a specific tour only for you.

Tailor-made tours the rout, spots, attractions, stories and other relevant values of the tour in specific focus on your interests and requests to provide you a local and authentic experience in our town.

The newest capital of Europe, even though a small country, it’s full of vibe, historic interests, cultural heritage, ethnographic values which demonstrate a long tradition of the country, long and confused historic facts, lots of rules, lovely social and religious diversity and so on. That’s why a guided tour in Prishtina it’s must-do when you are visiting the town, in order to understand not only our Capital but much more of the country. It let you see what’s stand behind the hints you run into.

PRICE fairly depends on the rout we schedule together, number of guests and other relevant components we input.

You trust us the organization, tell us your motives of vising the country and we reward you with a memorable experience in our city.