Prishtina Street Art Tour


It starts with 21 €*

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Tell us, for any eventual specific request, technical need, equipment and so on.

* If you’re a group of ten or more, than the ticket is discounted to 15€ per person

Available on: WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY (it also can be rescheduled on request).

Time: the tour departs at 10 AM.

Meeting place. We meet at the Bill Clinton Statue

Duration: Tour takes around 3.5 – 4 hours.


Professional Street Art & Graffiti Guide

Urban Bus tickets during the tour rout

What NOT included

Food / lunches

Tips and gratuities

All, not included in “Included’


  • Big Luggage are not allowed.
  • minimum of 3 participants is required for this tour to run, (if the number isn’t reached, tour may be cancelled up to 48h before schedule).
  • Maximum 10 guests can join  the group to have a close group cohesion and attention.

The walking tracks are relatively flat mainly paved street and it encompasses an area of around 3.5 KM.

Since the spots we visit are quite close to one another, we’ll be walking through the tour, but we use bus to reach Street B which is a bit more distant.

The tour is delivered on the sunny but also on raining weather also. So wearing proper shoes and an umbrella (in case of rain) it’s recommended.

The trend of Street art and Graffiti is flourishing in Prishtina too, by local and international artists.

A lot of pretty and meaningful arts and graffiti throughout the city, it decorates public spaces, show social protests, raise the awareness in social topics, promote or commemorate certain issues, via Street Art & graffiti in the town. Join us to explore most particular street art spots in Prishtina, different styles and authors, interesting symbolism, various ways and motives.

This is really a funny and interesting tour dedicated to graffiti lovers. It takes you in several lovely alleys of Prishtina which are full of graffiti and street art designs. Each Graffiti stand to show a scenario, interesting meanings with local and international connotations. This is the perfect tour for people who want to enjoy the community spirit and discover the world of Street Art from different people and from different places.

Artists tell you the secrets, the history, the techniques, the rules, power and the personal stories of the graffiti scenario and street art in a walk through a city whose walls are canvasses. This is a comprehensive history of graffiti styles and culture via the street art. Let our competent artists themselves, show you the finest pieces of street art, whilst giving an interesting insights of urban art in its modern days.

Walk route may vary since there are increasingly fresh and exciting street art worth finding. That’s because we encounter new lovely murals very often throughout the town. The street art is constantly changing; new work is created, new artists come to the area.  A recent masterpiece may be gone.  In this ephemeral culture, our Street Art Tour’s guides who know the art, the artists and the locations will give you the most exciting, informative and up to date tour possible.

Among many lovely painted streets around Prishtina, the street ‘B’ is one of the best art avenue where all the top international street artists come regularly in local festivals to paint the street and leave a stunning energy and creativity on the walls of Street and buildings.

Depending on what art is on the streets, we are likely to see:
• Stencil art
• Paste up art
• Freehand painting
• Sculptural art

• Political and environmental art
• Stunning murals
• Spray painted shutters and so on

This is a cultural tour with great guides eager to share their enthusiasm and knowledge of the Prishtina street art scene. Whether you are looking for an exceptional activity for your small or large group of friends , artists, for your association, your company or your institution; or also, if you are a teacher who wants to offer an innovative and motivating cultural journey to your students, This is the right place!