Prishtina DAY TOURS


Prishtina DAY Tour is a comprehensive full day tour in and around Prishtina. It takes you to Explore all what makes Prishtina the way it is; in terms of Historic, cultural, religious, natural, and archaeological heritage. It has a mixed and combined tour with many interesting sights, monuments and museums.

This is a perfect choice for all of you, who have a least a full day in Prishtina to to immerse yourselves into a memorable experience which takes you beyond your expectations in this area.

Tour Price: 99 €

1 up to 6 guests,

Availability: to be booked at least 24 hours in advance

Duration: 7-7.5 hours,

Meeting point: New Born, or at your place.

Tell us, for any eventual specific request, technical need, equipment and so on.

SPOTS included in the tour:

Prishtina walking tour in Old and New Town, it includes:
  • Ethnographic Museum,
  • Bazaar Mosque (the oldest mosque of the country),
  • King’s Mosque,
  • Yugoslavian Obelisk of Brotherhood and Unity,
  • City Center,
  • New Born,
  • Youth Palace,
  • Heroinat Monument,
  • National and University
  • Library ,
  • St. Teresa Cathedral.

Outskirt of Prishtina

  • Impressive Monastery of Gracanica
  • Mysterious marble cave of Gadime,
  • Archeological Roman town of Ulpiana,
  • Amazing Bear Sanctuary.
  • Gazimestan – Monument of Kosovo Battle of 1389,
  • Mausoleum of Sulltan MURAD and Ottoman Museum.


Once you meet the guide in the suggested place, you are introduced with the content of the tour and start with a short structured walking tour, within the town, exactly what you need for sightseeing and understanding PRISHTINA. It takes around 2.5 hour to walk around and get to know the best of the city. After the walking tour, we move forward to the Eastern Part of Prishtina. Our first stop in the way, it’s the famous Gracanica Monastery (UNESCO Heritage List), where you’ll be fascinated with the extra-ordinary interior of full of magnificent frescoes. The guide of Monastery would be happy to explain you the interesting story of the monastery which dates from 1321 and it’s been always in service till nowadays.

Impressed with the Monastery, we’ll continue around one more KM further to explore the archaeological park of Ulpiana. It is the most important archaeological site in Kosovo, representing an old civilization of Dardanian Kingdom from the bronze age. Historically, during the 3nd and 4th Century AC it became one of the five most important Roman Towns in Balkan Peninsula.

Afterwards we move towards Marble cave of Gadime which is as 10 more KM away. It’s an wonderful cave with lots of interesting galleries with full of mysteries. The tour into the cave takes an half an hour and is guided by the respective guide of the cave.

Bear Sanctuary: Right after the cave we depart to Bear Sanctuary. It is a lovely natural park with hilarious brown bears all around. It is awesome to see the Bears playing up and down all the day long. It is a story of survival, love and dedication for bears and animals.

Walk * Hike * Cave * Discover


Tour ticket,

Transport during the tour,

Guide and companion

Personal expenses of the guide.

Tell us, for any eventual specific request, technical need, equipment and so on.

What NOT included

Tickets are not Included. Three of the four entries require an entry ticket of 2€ each.

Food / Lunch

Tips & gratuities

Your personal expenses

REMARK: Visiting the Bear Sanctuary it’s an exciting experience where you will see a lot of brown bears closely, but it also implies a considerable hilly hiking. That’s why, you should be wearing a proper shoes and a bottle of water it’s desired. But you can buy fresh water and drinks at the restaurant of the Sanctuary.

The attractions

Ethnographic Museum

 An ethnographic Treasure of Kosovo, and  a monument of culture consisting of four buildings: which date from the 18th and the 19th century. 

The houses were constructed and owned by the family of Emin Gjinolli, one of the richest one in the region who lived here up to 1958/1959. This Museum shows the story of life during the Ottoman rule in Kosovo from 15th through to the 20th Century, starting from birth, life, death and spiritual heritage of local people.

The Imperial Mosque 

Also known as the ‘King’s Mosque’ or ‘The Great Mosque’, it was built in 1461 by Sultan Mehmet II Fatih. It is the most prominent mosque in town and used to be the greatest in the region. Since, it’s been renovated a couple of times, some slight modifications were made, but generally it’s been managed to preserve a lot of the authentic character.

Triangle of Brotherhood and Unity

Right close to the city center, where the Bazaar used to be, now stands the Yugoslavian monument of Revolution. 

The Triangle of Brotherhood and Unity, raised in 1961, is a memorial dedicated to the Heroes of the Yugoslavian National Liberation War, who had fallen fighting against fascist occupation during WWII. 

Youth Sport Center

It is a multi-purpose hall located in Prishtina, Kosovo. It includes two arenas; the larger one has a capacity of 8,000 spectators, while the lesser one has the capacity of 3,000 spectators. It also includes a shopping mall, indoor parking, two convention halls and a library. The whole building has more than 10,000 m² of area.

 The NEWBORN Monument  is a typographic sculpture and tourist attraction in Pristina.  It was revealed on 17th of February 2008, the day that Kosovo formally declared its independence from Serbia. 

National and University Library

 It is the highest library institution in Kosovo located in Prishtina. It stands to collect, preserve and promote the intellectual Heritage of the country. It is known for its unique history and the style of the building designed by Croatian architect Andrija Mutnjaković, in 1982.

Monastery of Gracanica

It is an Orthodox monastery and UNESCO’S World Heritage site  of Gračanica, in Serbian Municipality 7 km driving from the city center, on the way to Bear Sanctuary. The church was reconstructed in the 14th century atop the ruins of a 6th century basilica dedicated to the Virgin Maria.

The characteristic of the church is having five meaningful cupolas. The gradual raises of domes upwards, distinguishing altar space culminating with thousands of frescoes depicting Saint faces, events from Bibles, the Christ life,  old testament and similar images crown this religious and architectural complex.

Ulpiana anticity 

Ulpiana was an ancient Illyrian/ Roman settlement known as Justiniana Secunda located in what is now in Gračanica, the region of Prishtina. The traces of civilization here are really prehistorical, back to the Bronze/Iron age. It shows an Urbanized center of Kingdom of Dardania which was invaded by Romans by the end of 1st Century AC, which reached its peak of development during the 3rd and 4th century AC located next to rich mines of precious minerals and fertile land. The antique Roman /Byzantine town of Ulpiana presents one of the most important archaeological sites in Kosovo.

Gadime marble cave, 

It is a limestone cave in the village of Gadime, 25 km southeast of Prishtina. The cave was Discovered in 1966 and presents an Underground Treasure of Kosovo. It displays a magnificent miracle of crystallized stalagmites & stalactites which are believed to have been formed over millions of years. A lot of extraordinary hidden gems. Stone-crystallized figures can be seen, which were named by locals fitting their local motives. There’s also an internal lake, alongside the cave.

The temperatures are really cool; varying around 9ºC depending on the gallery or season and the cave’s average humidity is very low. Though, wearing a coat and proper shoes are more than welcome, so you are able to enjoy the sight. 


BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina is located near the village of Mramor. about 20 KM from Prishtina. It covers around 10 hectares of developed area and provide a kind of natural habitat to many local brown bears formerly kept as restaurant bears in Kosovo and Albania, aiming at attracting more guests. Here, the bears have the chance to live under professional supervision and in an environment suited to their species.  Now we have 20 bears in our sanctuary.

Thanks to the work of FOUR PAWS and BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina, no bears have been kept in captivity by private owners since 2014.