Kosovo DAY TOUR is a program of customized tours which perfectly combines an impressive route, including most interesting attractions, all in one day. Such a trips makes your journey adorable, diverse and goes beyond your expectations. It presents the best value for money.

We offer very interesting itineraries for One Day in Kosovo. Please choose the want which fits more to your interest.



* KOSOVO DAY TOUR (Prishtina – Prizren),

* KOSOVO CULTURAL DAY (Prizren, Gjakova, Deqan, Peja).






Prizren City Walking Tour

Prizren FULL DAY Tour

Available: On request

Meeting Place: Prizren, at stone bridge

Time: around 16 pm or rescheduled on requested time.
Duration – around 3 hours. Exploration-cultural Walking Tour

Prizren is definitely on top of Balkan’s most beautiful cities, immersed into an impressive Historic, cultural, religious and social heritage. Half Day Tour or a city walking tour is undoubtedly the best way to explore it geniunly.

This is an organized and professional tour for visitors who are passing in Prizren. Tour implies a Walk throughout the city as a comprehensive sightseeing tour on the historic town understanding the best attractions of the town, by a professional local guide.

Prizren is the second biggest city in Kosovo as it’s featured with a large historic, cultural, religious, social and ethnic diversity. It home of Albanians as the majority and a significant community of Turks, Roma, Bosnians, Serbs, Gorani and Jewish. Different period and rules left their historic remarkable landmarks, religious monuments and other social spots leaving an interesting mosaics of cultural and religious diversity that impact the daily life, which we are proud for.
Such a tour goes from city center the the most attractive sight such as:

Albanian League of Prizren and Museum,

Grand Hamam of the town,

Sinan Pasha Mosque,

Holly Levi’s Church,

Halvette Tekke,

Catholic cathedral,

Stone Bridge,

Distinguished boulevard,

Handicrafts and Filigree market

Climbing to the Fortress

Orthodox church and other locate significant landmarks which challenged history and generated to let us today be witness of life, history and controversies of more than 2000 years.


50 € for 1- 5 Guests

80 € for 6 – 10 Guests

100 € for 11-15 Guests

What to expect:


NOT included

Professional and knowledgeable guide.

Lots of Information and fun

Bottled water for the tour

Pick up or Transportation

Entry Tickets on the sights

Food or lunch

Tips of Gratuities (rec commanded)

Additional Info: (it is only a walking tour for visitor who are in Prizren, but if you need transfer from Prishtina or other city, we organize it, with additional charge).

Place: Departs and ends in Prizren

Rout: Prizren – Gjakova – Deqan – Wafterfall of Mirusha

Available: On Request

Time: start at 9 AM.
Duration of the tour – around 7/8 hours.

Prizren Day Tour delivers you a thrilling experience, to let you indulge in a cultural cradle of our country, stunning landmarks, unique architecture, interesting historic heritage, inter ethnic and religious diversity. This tour is well organized tour and passionate to help you to experience the best of Prizren and its surrounding. It starts with a guided sightseeing walk in Prizren to get a cultural outline on the town, to understand deeply why Prizren is an iconic image of Kosovo and stand to be the our cultural capital.

In addition, what makes this tour distinctive, that’s because it’s particularly designed to explore Prizren, in a large extent we cover, to get immersed into the cultural treasure and impressive landscapes of Kosovo such as in Gjakova, Deqan and Mirusha waterfalls. The enjoy the overall esteem of the country, due to cultural preservation, ethnic and religious diversity, ethnographic and urban features which distinguish a historic reputation till nowadays.

Route of Attractions

The initial sightseeing city tour in Prizren takes you to the main attractions which manifest an impressive history diversity and coexistence. It covers

Prizren old town, Albanian League of Prizren, stone bridge, Sofi Sinan Pasha mosque, Hamam of the town, Tekke helvetie, Orthodox St. Leviss Church, Catholic church, clock tower, St. Gorge church, Gazi Mehmet Pasha mosque!

Gjakova – Deqan – Mirusha Waterfall

After the tour in Prizren, we move to the surrounding beautiful town of Gjakova to see Gjakova Old Bazaar, Hadumi Mosque, Sheh Emini Tekke, St, Peter Catholic, Fshait Bridge and finally we go for a lunch into a panoramic place in Gjakova.

Right after lunch we move to town of Deqan, to visit the emblematic Orthodox Monastery of Deqan, (UNESCO Cultural Heritage) and visit Kulla-s – Albanian towers, in the village of Isniq and Drenoc in Deqan. Such living buildings which represent Albanian authentic Architecture.

After Deqan we head to Waterfalls of Mirusha, to experience the unique natural landmark. There, you have the chance to see, relax, but also climb into a rocky hills around the waterfalls. After one hour stay at waterfall, we move back to Prizren.

Optional: On the way to Mirusha, we might stop for wine tasting at local famous winery – Stone Castle.


160 for 1-6 Guest 199 for 7-10 Guests.


  • Transport
  • Professional & knowledgeable guide,
  • Lots of information and fun,
  • snacks and bottled water in the way

Not Included

Transfer to and from Prizren (If needed, we can arrange it)

Entry tickets in some sights,

Food or lunch

Tips and gratuities (recommended )

Kosovo Cultural DAY Tour


Prizren – Gjakova – Deqan – Peja

START in Prishtina – ENDS in Prishtina

Type of the tour: In-depth cultural

Available: On Request

Time: start at 9 AM

Duration of the tour – around 7/8 hours.

Kosovo Day (Combined) Tour is a distinctive tour fully immersed in a cultural treasure of Kosovo. It is a well organized and combines the best of Kosovo to let you indulge a fabulous experience, outlining an authentic cultural, religious and social diversity. This tour takes you to the places your wouldn’t think of going, would tell you the stories you couldn’t hear which takes you back to long history of local civilization and cultural blossom.

The tour leaves from Prishtina and start in Prizren with a city tour and moves to the surrounding beautiful landmarks which are highly ranked for cultural preservation such as Gjakova, Deqani and Peja famous for authentic cultural and traditional virtues, unique architecture, religious diversity and UNESCO Listed Heritage.

This tour is perfectly scheduled for visitors who are passionate to explore the soul of the country, to deeply recognize us and our cultural values. Our team of experienced guides, full of knowledge, an well-paced tour and rights sights and properly guided tour accompanied with safe and comfortable drive is all you need is when you decide the best of our country in a brief visit.


The initial sightseeing city tour in Prizren takes you to the main attractions which manifest an impressive diversity and coexistence. It covers

Points of Interests as: Albanian League of Prizren, Gazi Mehmet Pasha Hamam, Tekke Helvetie, Holly Leviss Church, Catholic
Cathedral “Helper Lady”, clock tower, Sofi Sinan Pasha mosque, stone bridge, ‘Old Tree’ – Botanic.

After the tour in Prizren, we move to the surrounding beautiful town of Gjakova, first to stop and get lunch into a panoramic place in the town. Then, we keep seeing Old Bazaar, Hadumi Mosque, Sheh Emini Tekke, St, Peter Catholic. On the way to Gjakova we stop briefly to see the Fshait Bridge, characteristic bridge, built by 18th century, connecting the white Drini Canyon.

Afternoon, once we are don with tourin Gjakova, we move to small town of Deqan, to visit the emblematic Orthodox Monastery of Deqan, (UNESCO Cultural Heritage) and visit Kulla-s – Albanian towers, in the village of Isniq and Drenoc in Deqan. Such living buildings which represent Albanian authentic Architecture.

Tour is finished in Peja, a beautiful town (third biggest one in here) stretching below Rugova Canyon which gives Peja a high reputation. Besides its our ‘Natural Capital with stunning landscapes, it also host a variety of local cultural points: Most common point of visit are Patriarchate of Peja, Qarshia- Bazzar, Ethnographic museum and wonderful White Drini Canyon.

Back to Prishtina


This tour it’s available for 4 guests (we also schedule it for bigger groups)

Transportation Guided Tour

Snacks and bottled water

Not Included

Entry Tickets

Food or Lunch

Tips or gratuities (recommended)



Mitrovica Day Tour it is a recent and very interesting tour which shows another perspective in Kosovo and provides you an unique experience. It takes to the divided town of Mitrovica and explore a double perspective of the southern and northern part of the town.


Mitrovica Town (Southern & Norther walk)

On the way, we stop and see the Gazimestan tower

Mauseum of Sulltan Murad and

Memorial Complex of Jashari Family.


We all meet with the guide at New Born. He explains you the tour and move ahead the north.

On the way to Mitrovica, we stop and visit the Gazimestan, a monumental tower standing for the Battle of Kosovo (1389). If you would like, you can step upward, atop of 28 meters high tower. In addition, we visit the Mausoleum of Sulltan Murad, The Ottoman leader who was killed in the battle of Kosovo. There’s is also a small museum showing an interesting Ottoman rule and life in here. It takes less the hour and we move towards to Mitrovica.

We will shortly arrive to the town of Mitrovica which play a significant role in Kosovo for political and economical impact. In Mitrovica, we visit the bridge which divides the town, center of the southern and northern city and museum of crystals. It takes around 3 – 3.5 h walk in Mitrovica and then we go for a lunch in an emblematic place in Kushtova in outskirt of Mitrovica.

Once we are done with visit in Mitrovica, before heading beak to Prishtina, we move to Prekaz, 10 more KM out of town. In Prekaz, we visit the legendary memorial of Jashari Family which is one the most historic and touching cradle of the freedom, generated from the last war in Kosovo (1998/99). Story of the Jashari war is an most sublime example of Sacrifice, Bravery, Resistance and the war from Freedom. After the Prekaz we come back to Prishtina.

Available Time: It is available for every day, Time: The tour departs by 9 AM.

Meeting place. We meet at the monument of New born, or if you are a group we come and pick you up in your place.

Duration: The tour takes around 7 hours


The group might have 1 to 6 guests.


Tour guide,

Snacks and bottled water

NOT Included

Tickets are not Included. 


Tips and Gratuities


Prizren or Kosovo PRIVATE Tour

This is a tailor-made tour to customize your interest, motives and preferences as long as you are going in Prizren or probably around Kosovo. It is for you, your friends, your guests, students or colleagues.

In here, we can pick your interest and requests and compact them into an unique route personalized only for you.

It can be a walk into the city, story telling, study case, religious tour, entertainment, food and beer tasting and other requests, to best fit to your motives, interests and desires.

Price depends on the number on the route you want to follow and the number of visitors.

Contact us for quote a price for your tour.

Kosovo DAY TOUR (Combined)


Prishtine and Prizren

START in Prishtina – ENDS in Prishtina

Rout: Prishtina – Prizren

Type of the tour: In-depth cultural

Available: On Request

Time: start at 9 AM

Duration of the tour – around 7/8 hours.

Kosovo Day (Combined) Tour in Prishtina and Prizren is an well organized tour which which combines the best of Kosovo in a day and delivers an fabulous experience. It covers both the current the previous capital of Kosovo and you will immerse into an impressive historic political, cultural, religious and social heritage. It all shows what make Kosovo its the way it is and this tour make you feel local for a while.

This is actually the best option if you have only one day in our country and want to see most of us in a compact tour, delivered by professional and enthusiast guides who cant wait to meet you and help you explore an untold story of Kosovo.

Prishtina, as the youngest capital of Europe, the biggest city, but quite a hidden gem, merged in several different historic traces, cultural impacts, social vibe which makes up an impressive mosaic, where each piece as a significance to be explored by the right person and right time. In addition, Prizren is also a mingle of a rich diversity in history, culture, traditions, ethnicity, faith and traditions which makes up the life very colorful, which makes you fall in love with the city


After breakfast, we head to Gracanica Monastery, Gadime marble cave and back to the town. (2 hrs. duration). City Walking tour (explore most of the historic, Cultural (Ottoman) traditional, religious, and urban heritage and new parts of our identity like must-see spots – New Born – Youth Palace, Heroines Memorial, National / University Library and St. Teresa Cathedral. The city walk takes like 2 hours.

After local Lunch we move towards Prizren – (the drive takes an hour)
Points of Interests in Prizren: Gazi Mehmet Pasha Hamam, Tekke Helvetie, Holly Leviss Church, Catholic church, clock tower, Sofi Sinan Pasha mosque, stone bridge, Albanian League of Prizren, ‘Old Tree’ – Botanic heritage and finally we climb to the fortress to get to see the beautiful sunset. Rest, dinner and way back to Prishtina! Tour in Prizren takes like 3 hrs and in total 9 hrs with transportation.

6000 years of History
6 Cultural Periods
6 Ethnic groups
6 Religions and sects,
Enormous, traditional, culinary, funny
and spiritual heritage to taste & feel.

“Such a combined tour was an ideal way to explore the best of the country in one day, perfectly designed to fit to our interests’that’s what most of the visitors tell about this tour!


This tour it’s available for 4 guests (if you are more we arrange it)


Professional guide

Snacks on the way!

Bottled water

Not Included

Entry tickets


Tips or gratuities (recommended)



Route Highlights


Beside the precious treasure of authentic history and culture, Kosovo astonish interests of different guests, especially those who are in love with nature. Among many natural resorts in the Country, that’s the Rugova valley which proudly holds a high reputation as most distinctive journey for naturalists and hikers, surprising you with stunning natural scenario. natural preservation. The tour sneaks you to the most amazing part of the gorge, distinguished for breath-taking landscape and natural preservation.

The tour is designed for the adventurous tourists, who want to skips the crowds of cities and relax the mind and spirit and experience and memorable adventure in Rugova gorge, which was generously blessed by the nature.

In addition of natural stunning sightseeing, fresh air, unbeaten track of hiking, highland villages, spring of water, waterfalls lakes you get the chance to immerse in adrenaline-raising activities which are waiting for you there, such as: Via Ferrata, Climbing, zip-lining and so on


Peja city center,

Radavc Waterfall

Rugova Canyon

Boga Village

Via Ferrata

We leave from Prishtina by 8 AM towards Peja. The trip takes as 1 hour and half. Once we reach Peja we go to Radavc waterfall to stop for a coffee and walk around the waterfall and the natural spring of water.

We spend around an hour at the waterfall and come to the city center, to visit the old bazaar, (also cheese market if it is Saturday), city center and go forward to the lovely Rugova Canyon. The trip to the Rugova it’s impressive, lovely landscape, sneaky road, rocky hills around and rivers.

Optional: On the way, we might use Via Ferrata for rocky climbing, zip lines and similar outdoor activities on group request (it is out the tour arrangement). It’s really adrenaline-raising activities which makes the overall trip breath-taking.

Our tour extent, reaches Boga, a small mountainous village which is an amazing holiday resort either for summer, either as skiing resort. After wonderful relax in Boga, we slowly start the way back to Prishtina.


179 Euro for 6 guests

210 Euro for 10 Guests

*For larger groups we arrange and quote the price.


Transport and Guide

Hiking accompany

snacks & bottled water

Not Included

Tickets for additional activities


Tips & gratuities (recommended )

Additional Info: Note that this is a natural advanture, implicating significant walk and hike on the nature, on paved and unpaved tracks, so it requires some level of physical effort and proper shoes.


Prekaz, Mirusha Waterfall, Gjakova and Prizren.

This is really an interesting excursion which compacts some of most famous attractions in the country belonging to local historic glories, cultural heritage, ethnic and religious diversity but also natural resort to balance the pace of interests and all in one day.

It is really recommended adventure which satisfy your general interest and expectations in a mingle of unique interests: history, culture, religion, diversity, natural miracles to deliver you an amazing expedition.


Prekaz: Glorious monument of Jshari Family,

Stunning waterfalls of Mirusha


Prizren – cultural capital of Kosov

At 8 o’clock we leave to Prekaz – Memorial Complex of Adem Jashari, to explore the ‘Cradle” of Kosovo’s freedom
Once done with the tour in Prekaz (like 30 min) we head to Mirusha waterfall and spend there like 1 hour to be amazed with several consecutive waterfalls, relax, drink or eat at the eateries there, or even hike over the hills of waterfall to reach the the cave atop the hill.

After the waterfall, we visit a surrounding town of Gjakova, reputed for a cultural and religious diversity preservation.
We eat a delicious local lunch at tophill of the town to enjoy a panoramic view of the town and afterwards we explore some interesting attractions as Old Qarshia (Bazaar), Hadumi Mosque and Ethnographic museum, Sheh Emini Tekke, St, Peter Catholic and move to Prizren.

On the way to Prizren, have a stop over the Fshait Bridge (dating from 18th century) which is characteristic for the architecture and sport event for jumping.

In Prizren we will have a wonderful afternoon for like 3 hrs. to walk around the historic town: City Center – fountain, Albanian League of Prizren, Gazi Mehmet Pasha Hamam, Tekke Helvetie, Holly Leviss Church, Catholic
Cathedral “Helper Lady”, clock tower, Sofi Sinan Pasha mosque, stone bridge, ‘Old Tree’ – Botanic.

Finally we climb on the historic fortress atop the hill, to experience an amazing sunset over the half of Kosovo view.
We depart from Prizren by 20:00 arriving back to Prishtina by 21 PM

This is very interesting rout connecting the old and modern history, touching experiences, natural wealth, urban, historic, cultural and religious heritage.



Group of six guests


Professional Guide

Lots of information and fun,

snacks and bottled water on the way

Not Included

Entry tickets on the monuments,

Food or lunch

Tips & gratuities (recommended)

Other additional expenses on the way

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