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Prishtina WAR tour it’s an Unique Tour, designed to take you to the war sights representing the last liberation war with Serbia 1998-99 around Prishtina which have an overriding historic content. This area has thousands of years of history, different rules, countless historic intrigues, glories and sacrifices. The tour is focused in the recent history starting from unrest of the 1990’s, suppression, violent measures and the last war 1998/99

In 1989 the Autonomy of Kosovo was revoked, Schools were closed, workers were fired, repression of local people became increasingly aggressive, national rights were denied and Albanian being risked the extinction. By another hand local resistance could not be quelled. Education system was taking place secretly in-home schools, protests, demonstrations were taking place throughout the country calling for Freedom, Democracy, Equality which escalated with an armed resistance as the only way for survival and liberation.

Whole of these events left remarkable traces which are witnesses of this horrible nightmare and our tour is this best choice to go through such a War / Historic tour.

SPOTS and STOPS included in the tour:

* Documentation center of Kosovo

* Statue of Bill Clinton

* Herionat and Missing people Monuments

* National Museum of Kosovo

* The Prison of the “Ideal”

* Hertica House /Home-school Memorial

* Gazimestan – Monument of Battle of Kosovo (1939)

* Mausoleum of Sulltan Murad & Historic Ottoman museum.

* Legendary Complex of Jashari family – Prekaz


* A visit to the divided town of Mitrovica (Extra Charge).

Group Price: 149 €

*up to 6 guests *

Tell us, for any eventual specific request, technical need, equipment and so on.

Includes: Transport Guide & Companion bottled water

 Time:  9 AM.   Duration: 7 H   Meeting point: Flexible! 


After we meet at city center, we shortly stop at the statue of Missing People of the last war and Historic President of Kosovo Dr. Ibrahim Rugova. We move at the first stop which is the National Museum of Kosovo, in second floor which is dedicated to the recent history of Kosovo.

Once we are done, after half an hour, we go and visit ‘Hertica House’ which is now a museum house which served like a secret in-home school during the 1990’s the normal school system was shot down. The visit his takes one more half an hour.

Further, we visit Kosovo Center of Documentation. The center is committed to a visual display of Break down of Yugoslavia, war in Kosovo, war crimes and NATO intervention. The center consist of couple of screens and each one of them is showing a short (10 min) interesting documentaries taken from the war in Kosovo and trial of war crimes. It take around 1 hour to visit it.

After the KDC we move forward to Prekaz to visit the Legendary complex of Adem Jashary, the unique war memorial which sealed the freedom of Kosovo.

On the Way to Prekaz, we stop and visit Gazimestan, a tower standing as a monument of Battle of Kosovo (1389). If you would like, you can step upwards the 28 meters high tower. In addition, we visit the Mausoleum of Sulltan Murad who was killed in the battle of Kosovo. There’s is also a small Ottoman museum showing an interesting Ottoman rule and life in here.

Mitrovica. Yes, by the end we move a bit further and visit divided town of Mitrovica which play a significant role in Kosovo for Political and economical impact. In Mitrovica, we visit the bridge which divides the town, center of the southern and northern city, museum of crystals and a lunch in the town and coming back to Prishtina.

Available Time: It is available for every day, Time: we tour departs by 9 AM.

Meeting place. We meet at the statue of Skenderbeg but we can pick you up at a certain place.

Duration: Tour takes around 7 hours

Walk * Hike * Cave * Discover

What NOT included

Tickets are not Included. 

Food or lunches

Tips and gratuities

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