Photography tours is are recent creative offers as an increasing demand of photo-lovers who are looking professional companion in photography experience, amazing shooting places and fabulous scenario. We also deliver practical workshops on photo & photo edition with most advanced software and professional photographers which enhance your practical and technical skills for the create the most stunning photo momentum for you.

Photography Tours


ILLUSIVE PHOTOS – Perfectly designed for insta visitors & optical image lovers.

This tour provides you with a unique photo experience in Prishtina. We capture sensational photos of you with a fascinating and irreal backgrounds.

We take you to Illusive Museum in Prishtina which provide various platforms for breath-taking scenario which capture an fascinating moment for you.

We can deliver your unique pictures in digital format, hard copy, or print your memory on paper, Mug, T-shirt, Stone, Puzzle etc. Anyway, In case you want your picture printed in any other format, apart from digital format, it implies additional charge.

Our clients are usually families groups of children, friends, families, colleagues who are celebrating an event, birthday, or any other interesting occasion in a funny way.

Start from 11€

2 people minimum,

Duration: it takes around one hour.

Tell us, for any eventual specific request, technical need, equipment and so on.


Price include the entrance to the Illusion Museum and a round of Photos in all the museum platform

Meeting Point: The Statue of US President Bill Clinton.

Time: This tour takes around an hour and is delivered on requested time (available from 10 AM to 19 PM)


YOUR PHOTO ON CITY Perfectly designed for photo lovers on your unique private moments.

It’s really exciting to book a Photo Shooting in Prishtina, to ingage a professional local photographer who makes sure to capture your special moments as your holiday, activity, events, parties, for solo travelers, families, couples or newlyweds. We make your private and professional situations memorable and unique . Our local photographers with long years of experience with photo shooting and editing, as insider tips takes to explore the unique attractions of the city and link them with your authentic memories.

The job of our artist-talented team is to take you to the hidden pearls of Prishtina shoot fascinating photos of you on and edit it professionally in your desired format. background

Start from 49 €

2 people minimum

Duration: it takes around two hour.

Tell us, for any eventual specific request, technical need, equipment and so on.


The shoots are arranged and scheduled at the proper time to start your photo shoot, to get the advantage of natural light, and less crowds of people passing by.
With a professional attitude, modern equipment, several lenses, lighting devices, and surely a keen artistic vision, you insure you to perfectly capture the moments and turn them into creative and unique photos. After the extensive editing process, you’ll receive high-quality photos in digital format that are immediately ready to share on social media.

To make your moments as more memorable we also suggest you to print your specials pictures in personalized formats as in Stone, wood, Mugs, T-shirt, Stone, Puzzle etc.

In case you want your picture printed in any other format, apart from digital format, it implies additional charge. Our clients are usually, couples, groups of visitors, friends, families, colleagues who are working on an event in our Capital.

* This tour is also available in Prizren.


Prishtina, it’s pretty, interesting and vibrant. Our tour helps you explore it and your camera helps you prove and distinguish it. The tour is dedicated to the professional and amateur photographers, photo students or art lovers who want to shoot unique photos in the newest European Capital.

We begin with a coffee to review your photography motives and skills to drive the tour into variety of locations which directly fits to your needs, interests and expectations. Even though we have our general rout of the most photogenic attractions, but, your specific interests can modify it.

We take you to the most lovely and hidden alleys of the new and old town to let you capture remarkable scenes, unique architecture, buildings, landscape, panoramas nature and situations.

Our professional team of talented photographers and photo editors, passionate about our city do their best, to let you memorize stunning images of Prishtina. We will guide you into most interesting spots of the town, in the right time, in daylight or night, when the streets are empty and glowing with lights. suggesting you the right corner and method to capture the perfect moments.

PRICE per person 45 €uro

Tell us, for any eventual specific request, technical need, equipment and so on.


This tour requires 2 persons minimum

Duration: it takes around two hour

Max number of Photographers is 6, to insure comfortable space and the necessary attention.

AVAILABLE: During the Day and during the Night.

Also, we organize the permissions in case of drone photography of filming, or permissions to climb into relevant buildings and might assist you with the technical requirement and equipment. In order to do so, let us know it in advance.




This is a recent Photo tour in Prizren after ongoing demands and requests. It’s perfectly designed for photographers, visitors & photo lovers who want to experience stunning images of former Capital of Kosovo.


Threat your self with this amazing photo journey where you will not only discover why is the most iconic and recognizable image from our Country but we will also go to some really photogenic small places which make Prizren, the way it is.

On this tour our guides as talented photographers, who know the most artistic details of Prizren, take you, your group or your family to the most exciting spots of Prizren, as on top of most beautiful towns in Balkans.

Prizren is impressive in every corner, that’s why we take you there to capture impressive alleys in your camera.

Capture the sunset from the fortress, really awesome view, take a photo of lots of cultural building, religious buildings, natural landscapes, unique panorama of Kosovo’s most beautiful town.

Our Fascinating pictures of Prizren are usually exposed photo exhibition, stocks, magazines and web formats. That’s because we offer you superb photographic opportunities for all types of interests, from Panoramas, castle, stone bridge, religious building which confronted history from several centuries till hidden secrets and great views over the city. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge and of our private and personalized tour to develop your own creative vision, in the right time, and right angels.

Start from 45 €uro

Tell us, for any eventual specific request, technical need, equipment and so on.

2 people minimum


Learn and enhance your skills to shoot and edit photographs and videos perfectly from a professional Photo editor team. This workshop will give you practical advice, technical and technological skills in photo shooting & editing.

Individual and small group itineraries are prepared and provided after fully understanding your precise needs and requests for a modern photography. That’s a team of professional photographers with several years of extensive experience with all details of shooting and editing pictures. We make sure, your precious time and investment overcome your expectations.


89 € / per person

2 participants minimum

For groups of 5: Price 300

Remark: Each participant must have a laptop for practice.

Tell us, for any eventual specific request, technical need, equipment and so on.

Price Includes:

Airport transfer

2 days workshop,

Accommodation for One night

Tuition, workshop place, materials

lunches & coffees

– Technical Photography

  • Setting up the camera on recommended settings for great pictures
  • Composition – how to balance your image either landscape, people or situation.
  •  Understanding the lighting  – Aperture, shutter speed,  how do we combine it with external elements such as weather and time of day.
  • Close-ups, Focus and depth of field.
  • Correction functions
  • Contrasts, sharpness of motion / blur,
  • Balancing calibration / toning,
  • Creative use of exposure (short & long) – and filter to 
  • ISO choice practical

Story Telling

  • Decisive moments: how capture a story in one picture and let it have a distinctive voice.
  • How to tell stories in multiple images: beginning, middle, end, protagonists and interaction of all elements backgrounds,
  • People portrait, landscape, architecture, nature animals 

The course addressed as to beginners, professionals and art lover. By the end of the workshop we deeply help you improve your photography skill, to create the stunning silhouettes and turn them into exciting stories that stands out.


This expeditionary tour is an exceptional experience in Kosovo’s most unbeaten tracks of nature, wonderful places out of crowds as well as unique UNESCO cultural sites. Small groups with a friendly guide with photography experience and photo editing skills throughout wonderful landscapes of Kosovo, lovely wildlife and cultural experiences.

Take pictures of brown bear, deer, wild pigs, foxes, wolves, waterfalls, caves, gorges, hiking tracks, mountainous peaks lakes and other impressive historic and cultural spots all around Kosovo. Our experienced photography guide take to the wonderful places, in the right time, on the right angle and help you after the tour to develop a workshop on how to modify and edit the photos, clips and advanced use of the camera.

When this expedition take place

In order to make this experience authentic we are organizing this tour four times a year, in four seasons” –

In Spring to take hilarious flourishing landscape,

– In Summer when the nature it’s in its peak,

– In the Autumn for sure to reach the exciting autumn images with mixed fall colors and

– In the winter for sure, to be witness of spectacular landmarks in winter where besides the skiing resorts, you get the chance to see and capture images of rare animals in Kosovo’s nature which come out seeking food.

Group Size: Minimum 2 guests are required for the tour and max group is 8 people to insure personal attention to all the photographers.

* At least basic knowledge of camera and photography is required.

If needed we also can provide you with the necessary technical equipment, like tripod legs, straits, bags and similar. In this case, you should told us in advance, on booking.

Our passion is to create extraordinary natural and cultural discoveries – through people, cuisine, art, architecture and more – to compliment your memorable photographic experience.

The tours takes – 9 days.


Day I: Janjeva village, Gadime marble cave, National Park Blinaja, waterfall of Mirusha, Peja. Overnight in Peja.

Day II. Waterfall of Radovc, Rugova canyon, ‘Red Stone’, Boge, overnight in Boga.

Day III – Rugova Canyo, Istog – spring of water, overnight in Peja

Day IV Cultural Photography – Patriarchate of Peja, Monastery of Deqan, Albanian towers in Deqan, Junik – Gjervica. Overnight in Mazreki tower.

Day V – Gjakova, City landmarks, (Qabrat Hill), Bridge of Fshait, Prizren. Overnight in Prizren

Day VI – Prevalla, Brezovica,

Day VII – Ferizaj (Church and Mosque and bifurcation) – Shtime (Waterfalls). Overnight in Prishtina

Day VIII – Gracanica, Ulpiana, Bear Sanctuary, Novo berda, overnight in Prishtina.

Day IX – Jashari complex, Gazimestan tower, Vushtrria and Mitrovica.

Join our exceptional expedition around Kosovo to explore breath-taking landscapes and shoot the most unique pictures.

PRICE: 850 €

Tell us, for any eventual specific request, technical need, equipment and so on.

Who is this tour for:

The tour goes well for free lance photographers, photography firms, photography students, explorers, or of environmental and animal passionate. Whether you are starting off, a hobbyist or have years of experience, our team of professional photographers will find superb photographic opportunities for all kinds of interests, from landmarks and people watching to hidden secrets and great views over the city. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge and of our private and personalized tour to develop your own creative vision.


Walking engagement is relatively high on the hiking tracks, and also flat on the cities. It requires a good physical preparation and proper clothing depending on the season.


Through this authentic tour, you are supposed to have captured unique pictures, in wonderful places, wonderful experience. Also you participate into a workshop to obtain practical skills to make and edit photos. Certainly, monetization of this authentic images is another supra advantage

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